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Karachi’s Gone Magnum

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You wont hear anymore that “sir Magnum tou peechay say he nahi arahi” because its back and with a world’s best Belgian Chocolate Bang.  Oh and with a 100%  price hike!  but it seems karachites are ready to pay  Rs. 85 a bar because they know that  their Magnum bar is now dipped in world’s best belgian chocolate and inside is heavenly vanilla and mouth watering chocolate truffle. 

Unilever Pakistan’s marketing campaign for Wall’s Magnum has been phenomenal. A heavy budgeted international ad (and not INDIAN! thank you for that), larger than life billboards everywhere, special freezers dedicated to Magnums and last but not least was Magnum Launch with a “Royal Treatment”. The Glitzy event was held on June 10th and was attended by the  biggest names in media and fashion in the country. Here are some highlights of the event.

– Event was managed by RAK ASSOCIATES

– PR was handled by Catalyst PR and Marketing.

–  Magnum Has its very own MAGNUM BRAND COUNCIL. Members are:   Tapu Javeri, Deepak Perwani, Nabila, Kiran Aman & Madiha Sultan .

– Magnum Brand Ambassadors: the beautiful Ayyan and Aisha Linnea.  They got a Rolls Royce Rides too. ooooh 🙂

–  Brazilian models (is what the press release say) adorning dresses shaped like tables serving chocolate shots to the guests

– A 5 course meal ! and the Magnum was served first 🙂

– The Magnum Musical: “A Royal Remedy” by Nida Butt and her team. Some love Action, some love horror, some like sci fi and some like Musicals.

– Lots of black ties and gowns and Andleeb Rana of Xpoze in a dress made out of a silky Tapulicious scarf. Impressive! Creative!

– They Goddess of beauty Iman Ali was seen in Magnum Launch too and in a white Maheen Khan’s outfit, talking of  white chocolate for a change, she looked stunning 🙂

– Aisha Linnea and Ayyan gowns  it seemed were inspired by inner side of Magnum bars wrappers.

– Decor of the event had everyone mesmerized.

What they had to Say About the launch:

Tapu Javeri:  “it was a great evening”. ” “My passion for photography is obvious to everyone but I’m also passionate about Belgian chocolate in the new Magnum with premium quality vanilla ice-cream that makes Magnum a royal indulgence fit for a king.”  “Andleeb looked lovely” 😉

Deepak Perwani: ” #magnum was a blast. everyone and everything looked gorgeous!” . ” “I enjoy the finest things in life, I want everyday in my life to be pleasurable, so when it comes to ice-cream I only want the best, the ice-cream of royalty, the new Magnum with Belgian chocolate, enjoy the Royal treatment.”

Nabila: “I work really hard to create perfection in my field and to reward my achievements I indulge in the finest things in life, needless to say I’m part of the Magnum brand council, because I associate with the best.”

Nomi Ansari: “The #Magnum launch was superb.”

Huma Adnan: “The magnum launch was divine”

Ayesha Tammy Haq: “#Magnum launch everything is nice beautifully done but the footmen and trumpets are silly.”

Andleeb Rana Farhan: “From roll-out invite (that came with 30 ice cream bars) to the event decor, everything abt #Magnum event was luxurious ” . “The idea of the girl popping up from the chocolate table was freaky!”

Maliha Rahman: “what a royal, extravagant, entertaining launch for Magnum!”

with thanks to Catalyst PR & Marketing for providing the pictures of the event and sheraz photogrpghy for chocolate hot Ayyan’s pic


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