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UPDATE 1. DAY 1 – 7th April , 2012 PREVIEW

Coming from a sneak preview of Bunto Kazmi‘s treasure (collection is way too ordinary, mundane and lackluster for her masterpieces) she is going to show tonight at Fashion Pakistan Week (FPW). Again, even the most glorious adjectives pale and lose their power to describe them. Owing to my inadequacy and proficiency in the English language, I rely on cliches. She will show to the world that how beauty is created with passion when Divinity casts a kind, loving glance at an artist. These are not outfits but poetic, lyrical conversations between a creator and her Creator. As if she is saying: Hum ne sab perahan mein sanwaray thay, Tum se jitnay sukhan hamaray thay

UPDATE 2. DAY 1 – 7th April , 2012 REVIEW 

FPW 2012, Day 1: Bunto Kazmi opened the week with her beyond description masterpieces Can’t…

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